The Spence family in Argyll

Hi, I'm Mel Wicks

I was born and bred in England, with Scottish blood running through my veins. That's me in the hat, aged 11, with my family in Argyll. (No, I'm not sure why we're dressed like a bunch of Mexican bandits, and God knows why my mother is brandishing a gun. Happy days!)

But I’m Australian through and through.  It’s complicated.

In December 2019, my husband Russell and I sold our house in Cairns, in the tropical far north of Australia. We planned to pack up our life and move to Suffolk in the UK with our two beloved dogs, Molly and Moe. We want to finally start work on our bucket list, roaming the by-ways of England, Scotland and Europe. And maybe further afield.

How long we’ll be away from Australia is anyone’s guess; although some may say I am not away - I have come home to England. I have a foot (and a heart) in both camps. I belong to two countries, but I’m a foreigner in one and a stranger to the other.

This is a blog about rediscovering my homeland after 35 years abroad. Will I ease into it like an old pair of slippers, or will I find it alien and unfamiliar? What will life be like in this Brexit-weary land for a digital nomad from Australia trying to reconnect with her roots? Will I ever make over to the UK in this COVID-crazed world?

Who knows. But I hope you'll join me to find out.
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Mel Wicks

I’m a seasoned copywriter and certified content marketer. I specialize in SEO-optimized blog posts and websites that fizz with personality. I have worked as a business writer and strategic marketer for over 25 years and a content marketer and digital copywriter for the past 5. I am currently based in Australia, but I'm headed for the UK in 2020 (Coronavirus-willing), and I have clients around the world. You can view my professional work at my website, TheCraftofCopywriting.com