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Have Dogs, Will Travel

Nov 17, 2019 | The Grand Adventure | 2 comments

Meet Moe and Molly. They’re both Australian Kelpie/Border Collie crosses. True Australian mongrels.

And they’re coming with us to the UK.

“Are you insane?” is the usual response we get when we answer the question “And what are you going to do with the dogs when you go?” This of course, is the non-dog lover response.

The dog lovers will say “Really? Isn’t that a little expensive?”

Well, yes, but could you look these two in the eye and say “Sorry, girls. It’s been fun for the last 12 years, but we’re off.”

Molly and Moe doing what they love best at Holloways Beach, Qld, Australia

Here’s the reality: It’s costing more to fly the dogs from Australia to the UK than it is to fly us. They have to go through inoculations and vet checks in Australia and London; but there’s no lengthy hold up in quarantine any more. The journey could be traumatic for them, but our loving vet doesn’t think so and I’m happy with that.

Bottom line: They’re family, and family sticks together. Anyway, they’re two of the most adventurous dogs I know, and they’re going to love England.

Moe, the ball fiend and water baby


In January 2021, Moe’s body succumbed to old age and arthritis. Her heart, on the other hand, was still chasing balls, but we could no longer let her suffer. She died in my arms under the compassionate supervision of our loving vet, and it was the saddest moment of my life.

I have been very philosophical about COVID and the turmoil it created in our lives. But there is one thing I will never forgive it for. It denied Moe the opportunity to spend the last year of her life chasing English balls and smelling English dogs. And for that, most of all, I hate COVID.


  1. I definitely second that. Thanks, Jill

  2. Whoever said diamonds are a girls best friend….Never owned a dog.

    Can’t wait to see Molly romping in the glorious English countryside.

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